The Investment Advisors – Episode 15 – Guest Jack Duval

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Baby he was born to run!! (money). We’re dubbing today’s guest, Jack Duval, the Bruce Springsteen of Buying and Selling.

When you’re nine years old and breezing through the WSJ with your father over breakfast and delving into options trading strategies before breakfast is even ready, it stands to reason that market intuition develops.  When you combine it with adherence to a multi-factor process, it turns out that this intuition can become incredibly effective.

In episode 15, you’re going to hear about Duval’s exposure to pioneers such as Dick McCabe.  We talk facts that you might find surprising, like 30,000 ultra high net worth investors in the USA or, there are 3,000 arbitration claims from FINRA every year, and there are somewhere between 400-450 people kicked out of the industry every year.

In this industry, there is motive and there is opportunity, as they say.  It’s unfortunate there are set-ups that are ripe for abuse.  Which we might add has created the service gaps in this industry that motivated us to start Kattan Ferretti Financial.

Take note at how thoughtful and deliberate Jack’s approach is to discussing his life and the topics at hand.  We were thoroughly inspired by his demeanor, especially in an industry that can’t help pounding the table, even when they sit down to a full bowl of soup.

Please enjoy Episode 15 of The Investment Advisors with Jack Duval of Accelerant


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