The Investment Advisors – Episode 14 – Brad & Bobby Go Live

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Episode 14 of The Investment Advisors features a discussion between Brad Roth and Bobby Fry. This is a pivot episode and a bit of a break for us, we have gone 13 straight weeks, so we took a bit of a breather and updated you all as to what it next.

We talked about what to expect in the future and the new morning note. We tinkered with Facebook Live and will start to live stream the show when ever available.

Find the whole discussion live on Facebook @FinancialKattanFerretti. See a short clip below:


[media_video url=”″ width=”700″ height=”700″ _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”1527cd78286a5275a8ce8eecb5e4e943″][/media_video]

Please email to be added to the morning note distribution list. There has been a ton of effort put into the design and content generation for this note, if there is one thing we know, it’s not your average market note.




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