The Investment Advisors – Ep 32 – Kathy Marcino

 In The Investment Advisors

Brad Roth and Suzanne Ward sit down with Kathy Marcino. Kathy Marcino is a sales performance coach and facilitator whose focus is improving productivity of individuals and teams through better communication.  Recognized for her intuitive and compassionate style, she brings her successful 18 years of sales and marketing experience and work as a personal trainer to her current role supporting businesses and non-profits.  Kathy is also certified in facilitating DISC , a behavioral assessment tool used widely throughout the businesses community and non-profits nationwide. Through DiSC, individuals develop awareness of their own, as well as other’s behavioral preferences, resulting in improved performance and deeper level of communication. Kathy also is the creator of the  series, “What’s Style Got To Do With It”, and also one of the creators and Co-hosts of the Podcast 4Chicks Chatting.
Twitter: @KmmDisc


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