Elle is a computer-based investment selection system that is proprietary to our firm. Elle is able to identify securities with emerging price trends using our investment selection criteria and methodology. The investment process then becomes free of human emotion & biases which throughout history have been the greatest hindrance to returns.

 Welcome to the next generation of retail asset management.

Traditional investments often follow the same three steps. Our process adds four critical steps that we believe create better investment outcomes.

1  Approved list of securities.

Securities are chosen from a list of 15,000 that are liquid, transparent and cost competitive.

2  Client goals are established.

The advisor and client establish the goals for the portfolio and determine a plan of action.

3  Investment strategy is selected.

The advisor and client select a portfolio strategy based on client goals and risk profiles.

4  Optimal Securities are chosen from approved list.

We select optimal securities from the approved list to meet the goal.

5  Mutual funds and ETFs are monitored daily.

We measures mutual fund and ETF prices every day and scrub them to eliminate capital gains, dividends and any splits to ensure accurate pricing.

6  Mutual funds and ETFs are given a composite score.

Each fund/ETF is assigned a composite score over the analysis period to determine what is most productive or what meets the target for volatility depending on the goal.

7  The most productive mutual funds and ETFs are selected.

The technology can be applied to maximize productivity or manage volatility depending on the goal.

Our technology utilizes sound mathematics and empowers each piece of the portfolio to identify and move towards productive asset classes or align volatility.

Traditional methods often penalize investors with predetermined allocations and prohibit investors from seeking safety in times of market stress.

Traditional Strategic Asset Allocation Approach:

Portfolio is rebalanced by taking from winners and giving to losers.

Portfolios begin with target weightings and are often rebalanced annually to the original targets regardless of market conditions.

Tactical Asset Allocation Process:

Each piece of the portfolio competes with other asset classes or cash to find optimal productivity based on the most current market environment.

Unproductive sectors are replaced with those showing the most strength.

Target Volatility Allocation Process:

Portfolios are periodically rebalanced to maintain a suitable risk tolerance as market conditions change.

Asset class weightings are consistently adjusted to reflect current market volatility.

Measure. Analyze. Execute.

Every night our technology takes precise measurements of mutual funds and ETFs. Each price is examined using 7 finely tuned mathematical formulas. Each formula is combined to create a composite score for every investment and recommends what to buy, how long to hold it, and when to replace it. Here are four of the seven formulas that help us make informed decisions.

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