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2. Now there is two. Kattan Ferretti Financial added its first partner this year. Suzanne Ward joined the team with a vigor and drive to help push our organization drastically forward. We have different skillsets, which has been tremendously helpful. We can learn from one another, provide better advice to our clients, and reach our goals faster by working together.


0. Regrets. I wrote our first letter on March 20th, 2017. I had been a father for seven days and for the first time in a long time I had the opportunity to reflect. Not a whole lot to do at 3am on a Monday when you know that any minute a diaper or bottle is imminent.

I wrote “We started with no assets, no book of business, no plan. I knew one thing. I hated the standard in the financial services industry. My sole goal was to change it and there ain’t no stopping me now.”

That has stuck with me all year. When we were founded in 2013 we literally had nothing but a few thousand dollars in a bank account. Failure was the most likely outcome. Since then, we have more than doubled our business every year, until this year, we grew 4x.

There were a lot of mistakes along the way; but we assessed performance, reflected, and pivoted as quickly as we could. We tried new things regardless of how they would be perceived by our peers, weighed pros and cons and either continued doing them or cut them immediately.

We lack fear; and that has been tremendously helpful. We’re going to keep failing forward because our core business and mission is as strong as ever.


1. Mission. We freakishly drive to improve our investment process; in the end, our performance results are what is most important to us and our clients.

The mission is clear. Kattan Ferretti Financial started out of a will to provide everyday people better investment advice. The old way is conflicted and backwards. We cut out the B.S. conflicts of interests and embrace technology.

On paper, we are an Investment and Financial planning firm, but we are much more than that. We are fiduciaries to our clients, we are disruptive, we think differently, and we are continually pushing to improve our business and ourselves.


8. Things we learned

  1. Tough love through profound honesty is invaluable for everyone in an organization. It is ok to make mistakes but unacceptable not to learn from them.
  2. Find a balance between humility and audacity.
  3. Becoming resilient takes work.
  4. Focus on doing what is essential Just because something has always been done, doesn’t mean it’s right and a good use of time.
  5. Think for ourselves.
  6. Technology, if used right, can drastically improve any process, this includes investing.
  7. Finding the right people is hard.
  8. There are problems and then there are problems. Not every little thing requires immediate attention. Knowing the difference and not sweating the small stuff allows us to be more focused on what’s important.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and happy 2018.


Bradley Roth


Kattan Ferretti Financial, LP

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