Unique Opportunity to Become Part of a Small Fast Growing Team

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Job Expectations

  • Deliver personalized investment solutions to help clients work toward their long-term financial goals
  • Self motivated and independently driven to grow your client base
  • Develop and deepen client relationships
  • Always working in the best interest of you clients

What are we looking for?

  • A track record of professional success
  • Relationship-building skills and commitment to establishing long-term clients
  • Strong desire for performance driven compensation and growing earnings potential
  • A self-motivated, highly driven and entrepreneurial personality
  • Desire to work independently or in an office setting
  • Ability to think critically and use sound judgment when serving clients

What can you expect?

    • Training to help you succeed in your new role
    • Professional support to pass your Series 65 and any necessary insurance licensing exams
    • Financial support as you grow your client base
    • Unlimited earnings potential that includes salary, commissions, and bonuses
    • Company-provided office and direct support to help manage client services and marketing activities
    • Ongoing business development training, mentorship and networking opportunities
    • The ability to provide strategic and personalized insight for your clients with support from a company
    • The opportunity to succeed with the flexibility to balance your personal life and work life


At Kattan Ferretti Financial L.P. it is our mission to provide our clients with clear unbiased investment advice, portfolio management, and financial planning. We have partnered with other investment advisors, engineers, PhD’s, and research specialists to design and build proprietary investment solutions for our clients.

This collaboration of ideas has led to a highly sophisticated investment model that we have made available to investors of all types.

We believe that by using our technology to help us make investment decisions, we can remove emotion from the investment process entirely. We take risk management very seriously and our extremely vigilant when it comes to protecting your money.

We always:

  1. Serve Our Clients Interest – The only reason for any service firm to exist is to satisfy its clients’ needs. Managing risk, analyzing opportunities, generating returns, and communicating our viewpoints are what we do for the benefit of our clients.
  2. Rethink Traditional Beliefs – For way too long, our industry was run on unproven assumptions and false beliefs. Any market beliefs we have must be backed up by data and hard evidence.
  3. Be Disruptive – The current way of doing things is conflicted, backwards: it is not client focused. We want to disrupt the old way of doing things and the existing concepts of what asset management should be.
  4. Transparency – In short: Clients should know exactly what we do, how we do it, and what it is going to cost them.
  5. Grow Professionally – All of the employees at our firm have the desire and opportunity to grow their talents. Constantly adding skillsets, additional licenses, personal achievements and academic degrees is part of our culture.


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