The Investment Advisors – Episode 10 – Scott Dooley, CFA

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Episode 10, in this week’s episode we sit down with Scott Dooley, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Fusion Investment Group.  A Certified Financial Analyst charter holder, Scott began his firm after serving as Managing Partner and CIO for Blue Vase Holdings, where he chaired the six-member Investment Committee and helped the firm grow to over a billion dollars in assets. Scott’s story is an interesting one, as he began Fusion while simultaneously getting his MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, where he was lucky enough to study under Behavioral Finance Guru Richard Thaler among other industry giants. Scott is right up our alley; we discuss his three-tiered investment process that combines quantitative screening with concepts from behavioral finance and macroeconomics. One thing is for sure, in starting his career in finance in the late 90’s, Scott has had a front row perspective in an exciting market regime. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

(2:00-47:00) Sam Frymier, Brad Roth, and Max Knape interview Scott Dooley. We discuss how Scott got started in investing, his education background, how he started his firm, his views on the market, and much, much more.


(47:01- 54:50) Brad Roth, Max Knape, and Sam Frymier talk about current events, mainly earnings calls and whether stock reactions to them are warranted.

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