Episode 9 – The Investment Advisors – Interview Brad Roth

 In The Investment Advisors

Episode 9 of The Investment Advisors – Interview Brad Roth. The mic is flipped as Max & Sam interview Brad Roth about his career path. Brad discusses his past, how he started Kattan Ferretti Financial, LP, his other business ventures, and his best and worst days at work.  Brad, Sam & Max talk target date funds. How they work, why they’re helpful, and what to watch out for.

(0:00-15:00) Sam Frymier, Brad Roth, and Max Knape talk target date funds. They discuss pro’s & con’s, how they are structured, and the glide path.

(15:01- 52:30) Max & Sam interview Brad Roth. They discuss how he got started in investing and his career before becoming an entrepreneur. They walk through his mindset, how he started his business, his best and worst days.




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Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Please refer to our full Disclaimer for more information


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